Not All Carbs Are Bad: 7 Grains To Help You Lose Weight

May 16, 2016

Grains for Weight Loss

Carbs are enemy number one for many people trying to slim down with healthy eating habits. If you can relate, you might be taking your carb avoidance too far — especially in the grains department. Some grains have been staples … Continue reading

5 Ways Moms Can Sneak Fitness Into Their Daily Routine

May 6, 2016

Fitness for Moms

Are you a mom with boatloads of time to fit the perfect workouts into each and every day? Of course not! Attaining that scenario is less likely than seeing a unicorn in the crosswalk on your weekday commute. Not everyone … Continue reading

Vitamins: What to Supplement and What to Skip

May 2, 2016


You may have heard about the skin-clearing, free radical–fighting, inflammation-reducing properties of a certain vitamin and rushed off to the store (or the internet) to pick up a bottle. There’s a sea of information out there about the various properties … Continue reading

Infographic: Svelte vs. Your Regular Healthy Snacks

April 25, 2016

Svelte protein shakes vs. healthy foods infographic

  If you’ve already tried Svelte, you know it’s a surprisingly filling and delicious way to keep energy up between meals of your busiest days. But how does it compare to your other go-to snacks and meals? When it comes … Continue reading

6 Home Gym Essentials

April 18, 2016

6 Home Gym Essentials

We all know regular exercise is one of the most important factors in leading an exuberant and happy life. Sure, sweating through the final mile of your run or pushing past any previous limitations is deeply challenging — and that’s … Continue reading

Be More Satisfied with Your Meal — Every Meal

April 11, 2016

Be More Satisfied with Your Meal

Do you ever feel that the healthiest of foods can leave you feeling a little less than satisfied? Sometimes the delightful crispness of raw veggies or the fresh flavor of a lean snack just doesn’t cut it in terms of … Continue reading