Change Your Morning Routine and Change Your Life

February 21, 2013


If you are not a morning person, it can be a challenge to get up and moving first thing. For many, mornings start with snooze buttons and a gallon of coffee. Mornings however are an important time of the day … Continue reading

Divide Your Plate, Conquer Your Weight

February 14, 2013


The first food pyramid was developed in Sweden in 1974 and then popularized by the US Department of Agriculture in 1992. This Food Pyramid focused heavily and breads and grains fueling the popularity and demand of unhealthy, processed flours instead … Continue reading

New To Yoga? Five Must-Haves to Get Started

February 11, 2013


An advantage to yoga is that people of all ages can practice it without special equipment. Celebrity Yoga and Pilates trainer, Kristin McGee, states it is a workout you can do anywhere at anytime! Beginner students are just as likely … Continue reading

Lifting Weights Can Lift Your Spirits

January 31, 2013


Everyone wants to feel healthier and more confident in their bodies.  For a growing number of women, strength training programs provide the results, fun, and feel-good endorphins they need to reach their health and fitness goals. Unfortunately, the misconception that … Continue reading

Movement is Medicine

January 24, 2013

running 2

Doctor’s often recommend prescriptions, rest, and over-the-counter cures for our ailments, but do you adhere to your doctor’s recommendations prescription for physical activity, if given? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that adults ages 18-64 get 2 ½ hours … Continue reading

The Benefits of Drinking Svelte

January 17, 2013


With every New Year comes New Years resolutions and many of us re-focusing on our health and fitness. Whether you’re a busy parent, an on-the-go mom, or a fitness enthusiast, it can be difficult to find healthy snacks and meal … Continue reading