5 Reasons to Avoid Carrageenan

November 1, 2013


An extract derived from red seaweed common to the Atlantic Ocean, carrageenan is often added to food as a thickener and emulsifier and yet has no nutritional value. Carrageenan can commonly be found in dairy products such as ice cream, … Continue reading

Eating Right with Mr. Right: Healthy Eating Habits for Couples

October 24, 2013


Entering into a relationship can really throw a wrench in your routine. Between eating out and navigating unpredictable meal times, it can be easy to gain a few unwanted pounds and lose track of your fitness goals. Couples tend to … Continue reading

Honey Health: The Many Benefits of Raw Honey

October 17, 2013


Honey has been used for ages for its medicinal properties. The ancient Egyptians used honey to dress and treat wounds; early Indians and Greeks considered honey the elixir of longevity and many other ancient civilizations used it to treat a … Continue reading

Breast Cancer Prevention

October 10, 2013


It’s breast cancer awareness month and while there have been huge advancements in treatment and prevention methods in the last decade, it is still a serious illness that affects 1 in 8 woman in the U.S. alone. And although you … Continue reading

Not So Diet Soda: Why You Should Avoid Diet Sodas

October 3, 2013


The consumption of soda is at an all time high in the United States, with the average American consuming two cans per day. Many of these soda lovers justify their consumption by switching to diet soda, it has no calories … Continue reading

Fall into Fitness: 7 Tips for Staying Active This Fall

September 26, 2013


Fall is the perfect time to focus on your fitness routine and form good habits to carry you through the winter. With temperatures cooling off, there is no better time to take advantage of ideal exercise weather and less crowded … Continue reading