5 Tips for Staying Hydrated in Summer

July 3, 2017

Make the most of your tough workouts and outdoor adventures by staying hydrated this summer with some little-known methods.

Summer workouts are hard enough without adding dehydration to the mix. But it takes more to stay hydrated than just drinking your eight glasses of water a day. When you’re planning a big workout or an active day of fun … Continue reading

6 Healthy Snack Ideas

June 20, 2017

Don’t let snack time be boring; treat yourself with these delicious recipes instead!

When you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet, having healthy snacks on hand is important. Instead of eating potato chips or something greasy and deep fried, check out these snack ideas to enjoy between meals. Forget eating boring, plain baby … Continue reading

Pre- and Post-Workout Guide

June 6, 2017

Make the most out of your tough training session with these pre- and post-workout tips.

Your body is a temple, and you should treat it as such. Leading up to a big workout, there are a whole host of ways to prep your body in a healthy way, but we’ve got some favorites. Before heading … Continue reading

6 Protein-Packed Dinner Ideas

May 16, 2017

Mix up your dinner menu with these easy, protein-packed recipes. From frittatas to enchiladas, we’ve got something for every diet.

Dinner is a chance for the whole family to come together. Providing a hearty and protein-packed meal is always ideal, but who said it had to full of red meat? We’ve already dived into the basics of plant-based protein, but … Continue reading

5 Yoga Poses for Sore Muscles

May 2, 2017

Rejuvenate your sore muscles through active recovery with these yoga poses and stretches.

We’ve all experienced soreness following great exercise or an intense training session. While uncomfortable, getting sore muscles following a workout isn’t a bad thing. Soreness is an indication that your hard work is paying off, while your muscles recover and … Continue reading

5 Goal-Setting Strategies to Build Muscle

April 25, 2017

Identifying your goals will help you build muscle and see results. Use these strategies to improve your fitness and strength.

Building muscle and toning your body is difficult. We get it! Muscles can’t happen overnight, and longer workout times don’t always produce the desired results. With the proper strategies, however, you can push yourself and achieve your fitness goals. 1. … Continue reading