Pre- and Post-Workout Guide

June 6, 2017

Make the most out of your tough training session with these pre- and post-workout tips.

Your body is a temple, and you should treat it as such. Leading up to a big workout, there are a whole host of ways to prep your body in a healthy way, but we’ve got some favorites. Before heading … Continue reading

5 Yoga Poses for Sore Muscles

May 2, 2017

Rejuvenate your sore muscles through active recovery with these yoga poses and stretches.

We’ve all experienced soreness following great exercise or an intense training session. While uncomfortable, getting sore muscles following a workout isn’t a bad thing. Soreness is an indication that your hard work is paying off, while your muscles recover and … Continue reading

5 Goal-Setting Strategies to Build Muscle

April 25, 2017

Identifying your goals will help you build muscle and see results. Use these strategies to improve your fitness and strength.

Building muscle and toning your body is difficult. We get it! Muscles can’t happen overnight, and longer workout times don’t always produce the desired results. With the proper strategies, however, you can push yourself and achieve your fitness goals. 1. … Continue reading

How Yoga Benefits Your Health

February 23, 2017

yoga benefits your health in many ways. read more to find out about the mental and physical benefits!

How are your morning Sun Salutations helping your body start the day? What are your Warrior II poses really doing for your muscles? Have your yoga inversions really been improving your health? We’re diving into the real health benefits of … Continue reading

5 Fitness Myths Busted

November 22, 2016

the biggest fitness myths debunked

Are you giving it your all in the gym and not seeing results? Believing in some popular fitness myths may be your problem. Whether you’re having trouble shedding pounds, improving your cardiovascular stamina, or adding muscle, we’re here to help. … Continue reading

How to Optimize Your Cardio Workout With the Right Nutrition

September 26, 2016

how much cardio should you be doing?

No matter how you slice it, cardio is a crucial component of any workout structure. And what you put in your body before, during, and after your workout is just as important as the routine itself. The next time you … Continue reading