December 11, 2012

Svelte and yoga expert Kristin McGee are making a healthy and balanced lifestyle more convenient. Join Kristin as she shares her expert exercise tips and fitness secrets to help you get Strong, Sexy and Svelte!

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  1. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your protein shakes. They are the best tasting ones on the market and LOVE how they are organic! In fact, I am currently enjoying a chocolate one right now. Lastly, I have to let you know how inspiring your little titles are on the front of each shake. Today’s “Hello beautiful” was a great self confidence booster!

    • Hi Taryn, Thanks for being a fan and thank you for the kind words! We are so glad our shakes are able to boost your confidence and please your taste buds :) Cheers!

      • Hi, Kristen! I usually don’t like say drinks, but I absolutely love Swelte drinks! I can only fine vanilla and chocolate locally (near Buffalo, NY) but that is fine. I have issues with many food allergies and dental issues, so these drinks have become staples in my diet. My concern, which I hope you will pass on in your company, is that when I finish the drink, there is still a tablespoon or 2 in the container that I can’t get out unless I cut off a top corner. I wouldn’t want to miss a drop of this delicious and expensive drink. Thanks!

        • Hi Gail, We use an eco-friendly Tetra Pak box to hold our yummy drinks and the newer, 11 oz. size is specifically designed to reduce the amount of Svelte left in the container. Thank you for your concern and we assure you that we are working to give you the most Svelte possible per bottle!

  2. Love these shakes! I have been bouncing around from one protein shake to another trying to find one that is portable, tastes great, and healthy. I am a nurse and I burn lots of calories during my work day. I need something convenient that I can drink on-the-go. Your shakes also give me the energy I need to get in a good run/workout after I leave my job. Not too sweet and they don’t leave a film in my mouth like the others I’ve tried. Great job Svelte and thanks! I’m telling all my friends about these organic shakes.

  3. I love these shakes! Can’t get enough! My only question is why the 16 oz and 11 oz sizes have the same amount of fiber in them??

    • Hi Cale, so glad you love our shakes! The fiber in Svelte comes from a complex carbohydrate, organic inulin. We use the same amount of this ingredient in both the 11oz and 15.9oz sizes. Hope that answers your question!

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